Excel Insert Multiple Pictures Software 7.0

Excel Insert Multiple Pictures Software 7.0: Insert one or more image files into a new MS Excel file. This software offers a solution to users who want to insert one or more image files into a new MS Excel file. Formatting options insert all images into one sheet or insert one image per sheet. By batch processing many images, this software can save you time spent importing multiple files. Excel 2000 or higher required.

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Data2SQL 2.0

insert SQL scripts. Data2SQL converts databases into insert SQL scripts. Data2SQL supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Data2SQL key features: - Rich array of data scripting options - triggers and constraints disabling, identity insert, transaction using, various insert policies, etc. - Ability to connect to more than one database at the moment. - Table relations diagram. - Support for all sql data types (including Text

database, convert, script, insert, data

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OverCAD Blocks 1.21

OverCAD Blocks allows you to easily organize, manage and use individual images and libraries of commonly used parts and components. 01.Graphical display of AutoCAD blocks. 02.Quick Find blocks. 03.Descriptions drawing. 04.Powerful mapping. 05.Insertion with images. 06.Cache mechanism. 07.Printed reports. 08.Different views. 09.Insert of Xref multiple times. 10.Explode after Insert of Xref. 11.Preset rotation and scale

drawing, xref, rotate, autocad, insert, scale, block, manage

Power Flash 1.0: Insert Flash movie into PowerPoint.
Power Flash 1.0

Power Flash is a PowerPoint plug-in, it can insert Flash movie into slide. Besides, it has many expanding function, including directly inserting FLV films, MP3 media player, scrolling text, photo album, clock, MPG films, WMV films, WMA sound and even inserting web pages into slides. All of above can be accomplished simply by clicking the mouse button. It can make your slides more wonderful and attractive.

insert flv, insert swf, powerpoint, insert flash

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PpSort+ 2.0

SORT and many more functions: BUTTONS include: [Accessories] User programmable buttons [Break] Break Line Before/After [Case] Convert text to: lowercase/uppercase [Find/Replace] [Hex] Show Hex values [Html] Text to Html, Html to Text, Html to lowercase, Insert Html Header, Add Html Trailer [Insert] Insert `this` after column [Leading] Add/Remove Leading characters [Remove] Remove Blank Lines, Remove All of [Sort] Ascend/Descending

html to text, insert, convert case, text to html, sort, convert hex, strip, freeware, text to speech

PageManager 1.5: This Adobe Acrobat plug-in offers you facilities to manage your PDF documents.
PageManager 1.5

The PageManager allows you to create, remove, insert and replace pages from within PDF files. This functionality is similar to the Insert, Extract, Delete and Replace options within standard Acrobat but with additional functionalities such as the creation of a new (empty) PDF document and the specification of the size of any new pages that are to be inserted.

pdf page removal, pdf page insertion, pdf plug in, pdf page creation

DataGen 0.9: Meaningful database filler
DataGen 0.9

insert meaningful testdata into any database you can connect to with ADO. Features: Support for MS-SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. (any ODBC driver) Insert Identity columns Insert random data from text files DataGen comes with example datafiles for names, cities, streets, email addresses and companies in several languages. Insert regular expression templates Insert dates Insert random values from columns from other tables Save projects Select

postgresql, database, mysql, generation, server, data, testdata

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